Project Works

References of any implemented idea – project. The project as the foundation determines all the subsequent costs of your business.
We understand like no one else that the balance of timing, quality and cost is important in this matter.
Competently executed project documentation saves money reduces the time of installation work and creates a harmonious functional space maximizing the return of each square meter of your room.
We carry out all the necessary projects: A AND, AR, VC, OV, EOM, AUPT, APS, SOE, VN, SCS, lighting calculation, visualization.
The deadlines are from 14 calendar days.
Functions of the General Contractor
The most important stage is the implementation of the foundation of the project — construction and installation work and equipment.
A well-designed financial model with a schedule of weekly expenses and timely reporting on each section will help you stay in the original budget and avoid unnecessary work, the equipment for this service can be performed by the customer and the work can be performed on the tolling material.
Development and Promotion
Now it is not enough just to launch an object, it is also necessary to make considerable efforts for the development of the object, proper positioning in the market, attracting the target audience and its further retention. All this is done in stages and gradually, so we can be sure that the facility will reach its planned targets in the right time.
Best-use object analysis
Analysis and quick decision-making on object reorganization or strengthening of leading positions. It is important to understand what leads your object to success, and what pulls down. What is necessary to satisfy the target audience and increase visitors.
Our team will analyze the object and provide solutions.
ZG Horeca
Horeca is a distributor of leading manufacturers of equipment that can fully cover any needs for completing your facility.
Pre-project analysis
The scheme of the master plan with the planting of objects on the site
3D visualization of the architectural concept
Concept development
Sketch solution of facades
Functional zoning of the territory
Planning solutions
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